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Welcome to Swim4All, your top choice for award-winning private swimming lessons catering to all abilities. Whether you're an adult striving to achieve your goals or a child eager to progress in their swimming journey. We offer a safe, fun, and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Our distinguished team comprises of highly qualified teachers and coaches, each with over 10 years of experience and a profound understanding of every child's unique needs. Many of our instructors also have a background in primary education, ensuring a nurturing and effective learning approach.

Operating at exclusive private pools, we are committed to providing the highest standard of teaching. Our venues boast exceptional facilities, including ample parking, comfortable seating for parents to witness their child's progress, and well-equipped shower and changing areas. Moreover, we maintain an optimal temperature, creating the ideal conditions for young swimmers

At Swim4All, we believe in our passion for swimming while building confidence and essential skills in the water. Join us today and embark on your swimming journey with the support of our dedicated team!

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Parent of club swimmers

Our children, Sophia and Liam, have flourished under Anthony’s guidance at the swim school. His dedication to developing young swimmers is unmatched, and both our children kids have gained tremendous skill and confidence in the water. We're delighted with Anthony’s coaching.


Parent of a secondary school student

My child Lily was initially terrified of the water, but Anthony's patient and caring approach completely transformed her swimming experience. Anthony's bond with the kids is truly remarkable, and we couldn't be happier with the progress Lily has made.


Parent of a preschool student

Paula has been an incredible teacher for our toddler, Ethan. Her nurturing guidance helped Ethan overcome his fear of the water and develop a genuine love for swimming. We're grateful for Paula’s dedication and expertise.


Adult student

I never thought I'd have the courage to take adult swimming lessons, but Anthony made it such a comfortable and enjoyable experience. His expertise and friendly demeanor helped me gain confidence in the water.


Parent of a club swimmer

Our child, Ava, has blossomed from a timid water enthusiast to a confident swimmer, all thanks to Paula. Her unwavering support and trustworthiness have made our Swim4All experience exceptional. I also love the fact there is a comfortable seating area for parents at the pool; it has been amazing witnessing Ava’s swimming transform.


Adult student

Taking adult swimming lessons with Paula was a fantastic decision. Her friendly encouragement and patient instruction made the process enjoyable and helped me become a more confident swimmer.


Parent of a preschool student

Paula’s preschool lessons at Swim4All have been a game-changer for our daughter, Mia. Her warm and reassuring presence has made Mia love water and learning to swim. We're thrilled with Paula’s teaching.


Parent of a primary school student

Our son, Max, had a challenging start with swimming, but Tiffany's friendly and welcoming approach, along with her dedication, turned things around. Max now jumps into the pool with enthusiasm and looks forward to his weekly sessions, thanks to Tiffany.


Parent of a preschool student

Tiffany is an exceptional instructor for our preschool-aged child. Her patience and expertise have made our child's swimming journey enjoyable and safe. We're so grateful to have Tiffany as our child's teacher.

Catherine B


We've been having lessons since our children were in nursery at the local leisure centre with very limited results. After joining lessons with Swim4all and being taught by Anthony and Paula, our children have improved immensely. They are both water-safe at the age of four, and our daughter even swims basic strokes. They adore their private lessons as they're a blend of structured swimming and fun! It's money well spent!

Paul C


Our children, aged 10 and 12, are both club swimmers. We asked the club coaches for help with their technique, but unfortunately, we didn't make much progress. A friend of ours had already undergone technique improvement sessions with Anthony and, in just four months, managed to qualify for the Nationals. We can see the significant impact Anthony's lessons had on our children's confidence and ability. They've both improved immensely in just a few lessons and have been promoted to higher squads.

Peter L

Adult student

I began lessons with Anthony & Paula as a beginner swimmer a month ago. Now, I can confidently swim a length of front crawl with the correct breathing. I previously had adult lessons at two different pools without any results! I wholeheartedly recommend the teachers at Swim4all!

Lisa B


I started mum and toddler lessons with Swim4all in July, and I can't recommend them enough! The lessons take place in a lovely setting with pleasantly warm water, which my daughter adores. Paula and Tiffany are absolutely fantastic teachers! Parking is conveniently located next to the pool, and the sessions are limited to just three parents and their little ones, ensuring it's not overcrowded. You receive plenty of attention, instructions, and help from the teachers! We had lessons in a public pool and a health club before, but we never enjoyed them. Great teaching, a wonderful environment, all at a fair price!



My son began lessons with Anthony at the age of 5. He had private 1:1 lessons until he was 7 and became proficient enough to join our local swimming club. Unfortunately, due to the high number of children and only one coach in the club, his technique suffered, and he couldn't qualify for regionals. We returned to Anthony when he was 10, and now, at 14, he swims at the National level. Anthony understands the needs and knows how to help children reach their full potential, having been a professional swimmer at the highest level himself. His speed development sessions are renowned!

January swimming lesson spaces now available

For preschool aged children

1:1, 2:1 and 3:1 swimming lesson spaces now available for preschool age children (2-5 years) from January 2024 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9.00am - 3.00pm. For more information regarding times and dates, please get in touch with us.